Préparations artisanales atelier DE LA ROSÉE Préparations artisanales atelier DE LA ROSÉE

Our story

Who we are

Two food lovers, Anna and Benjamin, who love discovering, trying and surprising.
Above all, doing. And starting over.

There’s a story behind each of our products: meetings, quality sourcing and committed producers.
All our preparations are made in our workshop in Vendée, France.

Qui sommes-nous ? À propos DE LA ROSÉE

Our own story began several years ago with the unexpected meeting
of a beekeeper from the Cévennes, in the South of France. The love he
had for his work and his bees aroused our curiosity.

Little did we know that a journey into a world of an unsuspected richness had just begun.

A journey that led us to meet other beekeepers but also craftsmen, grocers, chefs, epicureans, each one sharing their experience of honey on a daily basis. A permanent wonder for a product that never ceases to amaze.

Handcrafted preparations

Vegetal, flowery, fruity, woody, malty: each honey is different and brings its own flavor, its own notes, its own texture.

When tamed, there are a multitude of culinary associations in which
honey can express all its richness. It’s in this perspective that we
imagine unique artisanal preparations around honey. Technical and surprising combinations, inspired by a modern cuisine.

All our preparations are made in our workshop in Vendée, France.

Les préparations par DE LA ROSÉE

Rosemary honey and matcha

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Preparation with rosemary honey harvested in the Spanish province of Valencia and Japanese organic matcha.

We have selected rosemary honey for its sweetness, subtlety and vegetal notes. There is little sugar in the mouth, which gives the matcha freedom to express itself fully. A surprising and addictive delicacy.

Our preparation easily finds its place in yoghurts or natural vegetable desserts. You can also add a generous scoop to your daily granolas or bowls: matcha goes particularly well with dark chocolate.

Apicultrice image en noir et blanc par DE LA ROSÉE
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